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With well over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world. To succeed on Facebook, one must understand how to drive user engagement and effectively use audience targeting to get the most out of their advertising budget.


We can market your business using Facebook’s Advertising platform. Facebook allows you to target your ads to the people who are most likely to want your product or service by location, age, interests and more.


We focus on the research, implementation and management of Facebook Advertising campaigns. Appropriate campaign setup and ongoing management are critical to maximizing your return on investment with this constantly evolving platform.



Facebook Advertising Agency in Vancouver, BC

Where They’re Active And Engaged


Mobile devices are now a part of our lives—people use phones to discover, communicate and shop more than ever.


More than 1 billion people visit Facebook every day on their phones — and when they do, they see Facebook Ads along with stories from family and friends. Because Facebook Ads are placed in the stream of information people view on Facebook, they’re more likely to see your ads and take action.


From a Facebook Ad, people can get directions to your store, download your app, view your videos, add an item to a shopping cart or take another action on your website.


Facebook Advertising Vancouver, BC

Ad Management & Creation


In addition to targeting the right audience, we will set your campaigns up for success. This takes testing. It’s best to have a variety of ads and promoted content. We will work with you to create the best messaging that will appeal to your targeted audience and create engaging content to capture their attention. Sometimes the unexpected will resonate with your audience, so it’s important to keep testing different ads to see which ones are more successful.


We monitor our clients’ Facebook campaigns on a regular basis and constantly optimize their ads and targeting to achieve the highest yield and lowest costs possible.


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We also manage Google AdWords campaigns!

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Facebook Advertising Vancouver, BC

Facebook Advertising Vancouver, BC

Facebook Advertising Vancouver, BC

Facebook Advertising Vancouver, BC