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Google AdWords certified partner in Vancouver, BC

AdWords is Google's online advertising program that lets you reach new customers and grow your business with targeted image, video and text ads.


These campaigns are very cost effective, targeting only those who are interested in your products or services. We can set a budget that you are comfortable with and measure the impact of your ads.


As a certified Google AdWords Partner in Vancouver we can market your business using Google AdWords campaigns. We have our own designated team of AdWords experts at Google working with us to make sure we can develop and monitor the best campaigns possible.


We focus on the research, implementation and management of Google AdWords campaigns. Appropriate campaign setup and ongoing management are critical to maximizing your return on investment with this complex, time-consuming and constantly evolving platform.




Google AdWords Vancouver

advantages of AdWords campaigns


Unlike other forms of advertising like print, radio, and tv, Google AdWords shows your ads only to those people who are interested in your product or service, so every dollar you spend on AdWords campaigns is going towards showing ads to your specific audience.




• The Google Display network reaches over 90% of Internet users in North America

• Over 100 billion searches are done each month on Google




• AdWords targets ads to potential customers who are actively searching the web for words or phrases related to your business

• Your image ads, animated ads and video ads can appear on web pages that are only relevant to your keywords, topics and interest categories

•  Target locally: You can select from countries, territories, regions and cities when placing your ads, and you can choose a point on the map and specify a radius around it and even exclude certain areas within your selected locations



instant traffic

• Link-building, on-page optimization, social marketing and other methods take time and do not come with assured traffic

• Google AdWords brings instant traffic to a site, which would otherwise take a much longer time and require greater investment



track results

• View reports to track the success of each campaign.

• Conversion tracking helps determine your ROI


where your ads can appear


Google Search Sites


Your ads can appear on Google Search, Shopping, Maps, Images, and Groups when someone searches for products or services that match the keywords in your AdWords campaigns. They can also appear on other search sites that have partnered with Google that are part of the Search Network.



Google Display Network


The Display Network is a collection of websites and apps that show AdWords image and video ads. From millions of websites, news pages, and blogs, the Display Network can help you show your message to more customers. The Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide.


AdWords will automatically find pages in the Display Network with content that matches your keywords, and bids can be set for each. Targeting methods include keywords, specific placements (websites and apps), topics and audiences (age, group, gender, interest categories and people who visited your site before).




our process - analysis & setup


We will work with you to plan and execute specific campaigns to reach your goals. Your business model, website and specific goals will be thoroughly analyzed to create a successful, cost effective advertising strategy from which to begin.


• Website review

• Set initial expectations and specific campaign goals

• Develop initial strategy

• Perform a comprehensive keyword research and selection

• Build and implement a comprehensive ‘negative keyword’ list

• Use of proper keyword categorization, matching options and Ad Group development

• Increase Quality Score by writing effective ad copy and working with the client to create better landing pages for each campaign.

• Choose the most appropriate topics, placements (websites), interests, locations and other settings

• Design and build proper campaigns using the best practices with their own budget, ad groups and settings. Settings include bids, ad extensions, phone extensions, locations, placements, devices, scheduling, audience targeting and more.

• Plan your budget.

Once we are finished with the setup and analysis phase we will be in position to launch your campaigns and bring in new traffic. A great setup is the foundation to success for your AdWords campaigns.


ongoing account management


Staying on top of the constantly evolving Google AdWords platform, your competitors’ constantly changing bids and your advertising budget requires ongoing attention. We will track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make necessary adjustments to maximize your return on investment while reporting the results back to you as often as necessary.


• Continual bid and position monitoring to achieve desired results

• Ongoing strategy development

• Ongoing keyword performance analysis, additions and deletions. Update keyword lists regularly.

• Measure traffic with clickthrough rates and see which ads are getting more clicks.

• Measure brand awareness through impressions and customer engagement.

• Monitor which placements (websites) are producing the most clicks. Remove sites that aren’t getting results and adjust bids.

• Ongoing ad copy analysis

• Conversion tracking

• Adjust and optimize ads after seeing which ads are performing better than others.

• We can pause your account and change your budget at anytime


why choose Spyderbaby Productions?


We are Google AdWords certified and are up-to-date with all the latest additions and changes to the AdWords platform. We are fully supported by a team of AdWords experts at Google who work with us to develop and monitor the most effective campaigns possible.


We work directly with you. We take the time to know your goals, business, competition and competitive advantages to come up with the best strategy for running successful campaigns.


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** We can also design creative image and animated banner ads

for your campaigns.


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Google AdWords certified partner Vancouver, BC

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